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Game Day Experience
As a reference to the Origin / History of Cheerleading (University Sporting Events), enclosed above please find a sample video clip termed “The Game Day Experience”.

Although the clips are from current sporting events held almost every weekend around the USA (and growing around the world), this clip shows great examples of how cheerleading’s 100 year history has developed as its own unique sport; but also why our sport’s “cheer leading” or “leading” of “cheer” skills are used to enhance crowd participation at sporting events. You’ll notice these skills have been technically developed specifically to lead and energize sporting event crowds which easily transforms to the great excitement we all see today at cheerleading competition venues around the world.

All year round, millions of Cheerleaders (school, university, and club leagues) are found at sporting events in this manner displaying the unique leadership-based and meaningful complexity of our sport. In these examples, you’ll see the USA’s top ranked/national championship university cheerleading teams in action, as well as a clip from the University of Minnesota (final example) who witnessed the very first cheerleader, Johnny Campbell, back in 1898.

Please enjoy ICU’s examples of “The Game Day Experience” to reference the history of Cheerleading, as well as a tool for any sport authorities who may further inquire about our sport.