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Member Federations of the International Cheer Union have both the responsibility and the right to protect their National Cheer Teams.

Only the team selected by the National Federation within a country (The “National Team”) has the right to be so identified and thus, called the “National Cheer Team” of that respective country.

All other Cheer teams are both discouraged and restricted from using any type of designation or terminology or wording in their team name that may be misinterpreted or cause confusion that such team is the designated National Cheer Team of the respective country.

The International Cheer Union will support its National Federations in helping to enforce all rules and policies that have any consequence to involve or create any association, either direct or indirect, with international competitions or protocols.

No organization within a country has the right to create or willfully present themselves as the National Cheer Team within that country – or use any type of association that may make them be perceived as the National Cheer Team from that country – without the formal written approval and agreement of the National Federation.

Violation of the above rules and / or protocols may jeopardize an organizations right to participate in or have an association with the country’s National Federation as well as the International Cheer Union.