I. ICU Membership Information

Membership in the ICU is not restricted in any way and the ICU shall reasonably assist countries, National Cheer Federations, National Olympic Committees, and continental and other regions to create opportunities for participation. The General Assembly consists of all members of the ICU, although only the Member Cheer Federations will have voting power with respect to the General Assembly.

1). National Cheer Federations.  This membership will be open to all National Cheer Federations.  Only one (1) National Cheer Federation shall be admitted representing each country. If the respective National Olympic Committee or the relevant country’s Sports Ministry does not designate a National Governing Body for Cheer within a specific country, the ICU reserves the right to appoint such a group/organization within that country.

Each Member Federation which is in Good Standing, as defined by the ICU Statutes, will have one (1) vote as a member of the General Assembly.

2). Regional Alliances.  Regional alliances include provinces, republics, islands, and other geographic locales, including unions and national and/or international alliances.

Regional Alliances will be nominated for membership by the Executive Committee, the Governing Council, or a Member Federation in Good Standing. Admittance as a Regional Alliance must be approved by majority vote of the General Assembly.

Regional Alliances will attend meetings of the General Assembly as ex officio (non-voting) members.

II. Governing Council, Officers, and Executive Committee

Governing Council:  The Governing Council consists of twelve (12) persons; eight (8) continent/continental regional representatives, one (1) At-Large Continental representative, one (1) USA NGB representative, one (1) At-Large Athlete representative, and one (1) non-voting IASF representative.

Council members are recommended by their reflective entities as authorized by the ICU statues, and elected by the ICU General Assembly.

Officers: The officers of the ICU are President, two(2) Vice Presidents, a Secretary General, and such other officers recommended by the Governing Council and elected by the General Assembly.

Executive Committee: The Executive Committee consists of the following members:

  • President
  • Immediate Past President
  • Both Vice Presidents
  • Secretary General
  • Treasurer