10/25/2010 12:00 AM -

Dear ICU National Federations:

The International Cheer Union ("ICU") continues to be overwhelmed by the outstanding developments around to world in providing top quality cheerleading education, and exceptional event opportunities structured to be inclusive for the great athletes and coaches in our great sport. Additionally, we are quite proud of the leadership by the many individuals committed and dedicated to the development of cheerleading, as many are also former cheerleaders themselves and/or promote a great compassion for the progress of the athletes who participate.

After years of discussion amongst the International Cheer Union's 40 European National Federations, we are very pleased to announce that the European Continental Federation, the European Cheer Union ("ECU") was recently founded in Paris, France this past 16th September 2010! Its mission is to fully include ALL cheerleading athletes and coaches in coordination with ALL National Federations in Europe with enhanced educational/performance opportunities while also providing great unified continental support for European Cheerleading development. With 40 European National federations already involved in the ICU, we are very excited for the future of the ECU and the future of cheerleading in Europe.

For further details on the European Cheer Union, enclosed please find the following to review:

1. The European Cheer Union Press Release:

2. The ECU Presentation conducted to over 21 European National Federations:

3. The ECU website address

More details will be released in following days; however, we once again congratulate all of those who have worked many years for the development of cheerleading in Europe, and very much look forward to continued unified success of cheerleading on the European continent. For any addition questions regarding the ECU, please fell free to contact the ECU organizing committee via email at:[email protected]

Thank you once again for all you do for the youth in your countries, and thank you for your support of the ICU!

Yours in Sport,

Karl Olson

Secretary General

International Cheer Union

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